RTUB is a loose association of Twitter users located in Rockhampton, Australia.

Similar groups exist in other Australian cities, using the *TUB format, such as BTUB (Brisbane), STUB (Sydney) and MTUB (Melbourne).

Mostly, an RTUB occurs when several Twitter users publicly get together in Rockhampton for any ol’ purpose. It’s always social and currently is associated with coffee.

Most recently RTUBs have occurred at Giddy Goat Cafe, Degani Bakery Café, and the Heritage Hotel in Rockhampton.

Who goes to RTUB?
As it’s more of a loose association, anyone can be a “member” of RTUB. Some people can’t get enough of it, though, so here’s a list of some of the regulars (in no particular order):

  • @angeldirect
  • @nigelwadsworth
  • @rockyshark
  • @lbrunsmann
  • @Semps001
  • @PetrosK81
  • <more here>

If you’re ever lost or unsure, these are the peeps to get in touch with. You can also keep an eye on the #rtub hashtag on Twitter.

What does RTUB stand for?
It doesn’t really stand for anything but it is based on the original abbreviation for Rockhampton Twitter Underground Brigade. It’s not exactly underground anymore and there are rarely brigade-like endeavours.